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by ethankind on April 1, 2013

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If you’re waiting for your trumpet technique to become extraordinary, and you’re also taking the steps for it to happen, is it guaranteed to happen? No! Why?

Because if you’re waiting for an average trumpet technique to transform into a wonderful technique, and you have NO faith that it will happen, then your beliefs can override all of the great practice you’re putting in and block the transformation of your technique.

Let me look at this from a strictly psychological perspective. If you have grown up waiting for what you really wanted and never got, then you will probably set up a lifetime of PROVING you can never receive what you want, even if you set aside the time in your day to work for and hope for what you want, consciously or unconsciously.

It is usually unconsciously that you set yourself up day in and day out to never receive what you really want, because you never received the love or comfort that you truly wanted and deserved as a child. So, when this is carried over and projected into most the aspects of your adult life, then you are constantly pursuing and waiting for what will never arrive, unless……..

Unless you see what you’ve been doing, and realize it isn’t that life is denying you what you want; that you won’t and can’t let yourself have what you want, if you are to continue your story of, “I can never have what I want”.

To pursue non-stop what you can never have is an extraordinary act of DOING. DOING in the Alexander Technique is using too much muscle to play the trumpet, because you are posturally off balance and/or don’t know that you are using the minimal amount of muscle necessary with high energy to play the valves and create support.

Think about it, if you are in a steady state of wanting what you believe you can never have, then you will be in the constant physical tension of DOING. You will be in a non-stop state of sadness, anger, and physical tension, and you will not consciously acknowledge it, because this is an intolerable situation to admit you’re in.

It is the not knowing it part, that will trap you in a lifetime of pursuing great trumpet technique and NEVER EVER LET YOURSELF ACHIEVE IT.

Now, this is really sad and incredibly conflicted, because you are denying yourself what you’re capable of, by both telling yourself you ARE capable of great trumpet technique and NOT capable of great trumpet technique. Let me explain.

Since you are pursuing great trumpet technique by putting in the practice time, then the expectation that one day you will achieve an effortless trumpet technique must be motivating you. It is! But if simultaneously you have come to believe over your life that you can never have what you truly want, then you are really in trouble. You will spend a lifetime promising yourself great trumpet technique and denying yourself great trumpet technique at the same time.

You know what the result will be? IT WILL PROBABLY NOT BE GREAT TRUMPET TECHNIQUE! And you will live a life of never getting what you want, not because great talent on the trumpet isn’t in you, but because it is more important for your ego to be right, than for you to have what you truly want.

Now, let me explain the title of this article, “Waiting for What Already Is”. If you have been practicing doing what is necessary to create a fine trumpet technique, and you can’t demonstrate a great trumpet technique, then is there a great trumpet technique waiting to pop out the moment you stop believing that you can never have what you want? Yes!

This is an amazing place to be in your trumpet consciousness, because IT MEANS YOU ARE ALREADY A GREAT TRUMPET PLAYER, AND YOU DON’T KNOW IT, BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T DEMONSTRATED IT. What do you do at this point?

YOU ACCEPT THAT YOU ARE ALREADY A GREAT TRUMPET PLAYER BEFORE YOU HAVE DEMONSTRATED THIS TO YOURSELF. Spiritually, this is what A Course in Miracles teaches, which is that you are already a holy spirit, even if you don’t know and/or deny it. Also, A Course in Miracles teaches you you can never forever change this holy truth, no matter how hard or how long you deny or reject it.


As a trumpet player who has done the smart practice, even if you can’t demonstrate wonderful technique, here and now is the time to realize you’ve done the work, and your great technique is simply waiting on you to let yourself accept and demonstrate it.

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