Soccer – Conscious Control in the Alexander Technique (Pain)(Strain)(Injuries)(Posture)(Psychology)(Albuquerque)

by ethankind on May 17, 2012

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CONSCIOUS CONTROL is what F. M. Alexander called regaining control over the voluntary musculature of the body. The voluntary musculature is defined as the external musculature that you tell what to do with your thoughts and intentions. What happens over time is that a soccer player’s ability to play free of pain and tension in specific areas of his or her body is lost, and so he or she consistently hurts.

If a soccer player comes to me and says his neck and shoulders are hurting, and I tell him to just release these muscles, he’ll look at me like I’m crazy. The truth is he has lost conscious control over these muscles, and it seems to him there is no way to get them to release.

It is your ability to tell your body what you want, and your body responds with exactly what you want, that Alexander Technique teachers help soccer players regain in their bodies. The ideal body response from a loving intention is a pain-free, elegant, athletic, and coordinated movement, that gives you the posture for the soccer technique you want, so you can play all out pain-free.

What has to happen for all of the above to happen? You have to be intimately connected to your body, and to accept that THE BODY ALWAYS GIVES US WHAT WE BELIEVE ABOUT IT, not what we want. Let me explain?

If you believe the volunteer musculature of the body does anything independently of your beliefs and thoughts, then you do not have conscious control over it. Your belief that the body can do what it wants, will block you from being able to release the habits that have gotten you in constant pain as you play soccer. You will be unable to tell your body what you want it to do, without forcing the body to listen to you.

What I just said is critical! If you believe you regularly have to force the body to listen to you when you play soccer, then you have given the body a mind of its own. But, the only mind your body has is your mind. Let me explain.

I believe many soccer players believe the body does things independently of the player’s intentions, and that’s why he or she can’t play pain-free. This isn’t true, but boy is it self-fulfilling. Again, the body responds to what you believe about it, true or not true.

When you believe something that isn’t true about the body, then what else can the body do but fail you at times, maybe a lot of times. So, when your beliefs are conflicted, then you don’t get consistently amazing pain-free soccer playing. Having just said what I said, let me back track a bit.

You can create consistently amazing competitive soccer if your technique is good enough, and you will NOT tolerate your body not giving you what you want. This is not what I call a loving approach to soccer.

What is loving? If you accept/believe you have 100% control over your voluntary musculature, you have a soccer technique that doesn’t harm your body, you have a fully lengthened balanced posture to play from, you trust your body to give you exactly what you want, then you will have conscious control over your soccer playing.

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