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by ethankind on May 7, 2012

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The kindest way to replace a English horn technique that doesn’t work for you anymore, is to accept that you did the best you could. You chose the best English horn teacher and technique that you could handle at the time you began. You may have even moved through more than one major technique change and English horn teacher. But now you’re ready, if you’re able to replace or enhance the technique you have with one that takes the artificial limits off of your potential as a fine English horn player.

I did this so many times as a classical guitarist. Finally, I found an extraordinary guitar teacher and an extraordinary Alexander Technique teacher at the same time. Between the two of them I gained the ability to trouble shoot on the guitar. This meant I could objectively see what worked and didn’t work for me on the guitar and choose what did work. But I hadn’t forgiven myself my past choices and ultimately stopped playing.

What has to happen for you to replace a English horn technique that doesn’t serve you anymore with one that does? The better question is, how do you let go of completely what doesn’t work anymore, so that it doesn’t compromise what you want to do now?

It has to do with how you talk to yourself about the years doing a English horn technique that doesn’t serve you anymore. If you get caught up in anger and regret and aren’t able to move on without anger and regret, then you are punishing yourself for what you did and can’t change.

It doesn’t matter that you can’t change what you did, but what does matter is that you can heal a flawed English horn technique. If you are willing to forgive yourself your choices, and accept that what doesn’t work can only override what does work, then you can let go of believing you’ve spent too much unforgivable time doing what doesn’t work.

What do I mean? I believe there is a difference between years spent doing what doesn’t work and what does work. I believe, at least unconsciously, you knew that you’re technique wasn’t the best way to play the English horn, because you were struggling and straining much of the time to realize the interpretation you want. Because you knew what you did wasn’t the best solution to English horn technique, it never became a part of you. ONLY WHAT IS BEST IS PERMANENT.

You can only handle an effortless English horn technique when you’re ready. This means, when you’re ready, even if you don’t know you’re ready, you’ll find the right teacher and technique, because you can handle a English horn technique that is effortless. You are ready, if you are able to forgive yourself for having chosen a technique and interpretation path of resistance.

This is what I mean by the title of this article on accepting what you did on the English horn, so that you can move on. I know many, if not most English horn players, believe who they began the English horn with was by chance, but I don’t believe in chance. I believe you find the teacher you could accept and handle at the moment you started the English horn.

So, right here right now, if you can accept and embrace a English horn technique that makes all of the worthwhile literature easily playable, then you have accepted your musical choices of the past and forgiven yourself, your past English horn teacher(s), your past technique, and your past interpretation choices.

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