Topics – An Alexander Technique Approach to Competitive Archery (Pain)(Strain)(Injuries)(Posture)(Psychology)(Albuquerque)

by ethankind on April 12, 2012

This ebook, An Alexander Technique Approach to Competitive Archery, is published on this website in a PDF format. It is very detailed and practical, and it will give you the physical tools you need to take the limits off of your ability to create an extraordinarily accurate archery technique.
This ebook is also for sale on all AMAZON websites in a KINDLE format.
Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. (MOVEMENT THERAPY)

What the Alexander Technique Offers Archers

Posture (Archery Oblique Stance)

Torso, Shoulders, and Breathing

Hands, Arms, and Shoulders

Direction (how to be fully upright)

Inhibition and Archery (letting go of bad habits)

The Whole Body Draws the Bow in Opposition with Direction

Guided Whole Body Release before Using the Bow

Accuracy (shooting with trust)

Competing without Competing

When You’re Not Doing Something, Don’t Continue to Do It

As a Gift (archery given as a gift to yourself and others)

Short Essays

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